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20 years' experience | Over 100 000 Cosmetic Procedures Performed | Contact us today

5 Beauty Secrets That Will Help Fight Wrinkles Fast!

Youthful and radiant skin fades as we age, and in order to fight this we at Ashbury have decided to reveal the best kept secrets for fighting wrinkles…

Reducing the signs of ageing such as wrinkles and fine lines is not always an easy task, and with a plethora of beauty creams and ointments all claiming to give you the best results, why not go back to basics?

Knowing your skin is the first step…

Understanding the fundamentals of the skin will help you to decide what is best for your skin type, and by using this knowledge to your advantage, you can actively seek out the correct moisturisers or cleansers, etc.

Wrinkles form as we age because of the slower production of collagen cells within the skin. When we are young this collagen helps to give our skin its tightness and radiance, and slowly deflates over time.

When this elasticity is no longer present to keep your skin taught, the skin becomes loose and saggy, and results in wrinkles and fine lines. Read on to discover how you can reclaim your youthful skin with these easy beauty secrets…

1. Massage your facial skin…

It sounds odd, and something we only think to do when we have a horrible headache. By massaging the face, you can help your skin naturally fight wrinkles, all while enjoying a relaxing facial massage!

Massaging the skin helps to increase blood flow, which helps oxidise the cells and plump the skin, reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

2. Keep your skin radiant with healthy food…

It is not a secret that diet plays a pivotal role in keeping your body healthy, but did you know what you eat can directly influence your skin? That is why many who eat foods high in sugar often such as chocolates or soft drink usually find their skin breaks out in acne, becomes dry or becomes oily. By following good dietary habits, you can naturally help your skin to revitalise and repair itself, and thereby reduce the look of wrinkles.

3. The super vitamin…

Vitamin E is like the super vitamin for the skin. Vitamin E contains natural antioxidants that invigorate the skin and thereby help to prevent wrinkles from occurring. By ensuring you have enough vitamin E in your diet, you can actively help your skin fight fine lines and wrinkles!

4. Take control of collagen…

As previously mentioned, the main cause of wrinkles is a lack of collagen. Utilise a high quality moisturiser to help keep your skin hydrated. Skin that becomes too dry tends to become damaged, which is another large cause of facial wrinkles.

5. Protect your skin…

A major player in the cause of facial wrinkles is sun damage, and the best part about that is it can be prevented! Take care of your skin by applying sunblock or wear a hat out in the sun so your skin can be protected from the harsh sun rays.

Discover beautiful, radiant skin with Ashbury…

At Ashbury in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, we are able to help you reduce the signs of ageing with effective skin and wrinkle treatments. If you have found your natural remedies are not helping, discover your solution with our anti-wrinkle procedures that include:

If you are unhappy with the look your skin is giving you and seek a change, book an appointment at our Brisbane or Gold Coast cosmetic clinics for a full consultation, where we will listen to your goals, assess your condition and recommend treatments best suited to you.

To discover more about our anti-wrinkle treatments or to book an appointment at our Brisbane or Gold Coast clinics, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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