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20 years' experience | Over 100 000 Cosmetic Procedures Performed | Contact us today

Fight your wrinkles at home with these easy tips

Are you sick of seeing those crow’s feet every time you look in the mirror? At Ashbury located in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, we have compiled several tips to help you banish those fine lines…

Wrinkles occur as we age, it’s a natural part of life – but we do not have to keep it that way! The older we get the less collagen that our cells produce to keep the skin’s elasticity – meaning your skin becomes thinner and looser, forming lines and wrinkles. At Ashbury Cosmetics located in Brisbane and the Gold Coast we have compiled a great list for keeping those wrinkles at bay.

Take a good look at your lifestyle…

There are many different lifestyle factors that could be speeding up your ageing process without you even knowing. Lifestyle choices such as smoking, drinking, neglecting to use sunscreen, lack of sleep and not taking care of your skin all quicken the rate at which your cells stop producing collagen cells. Read on to discover some great tips to keep wrinkles away, and most are easy enough to do at home!

Skin Tip 1 – Wash your face two times a day…

Think about it – your face is subjected to sun, dust and other dirt particles all day. A rinse in the shower just isn’t going to get all that debris off your skin, and ultimately it will affect how your skin looks. Be sure to wash your face morning and night and pat your skin dry – this eliminates any danger of stretching or damaging the skin.

Skin Tip 2 – Moisturise!

It’s an essential part of your skin care routine – using a good moisturiser helps keep your skin hydrated and in effect helps make wrinkles appear less noticeable. Try to use moisturiser that contains sunscreen, as sun damage is one of the primary causes of facial lines and wrinkles.

Skin Tip 3 – Laser away lines with the help of Ashbury Cosmetics…

At Ashbury Cosmetics we provide a range of cosmetic laser treatments to smoothen your skin at the source – the deeper layers of your skin. By targeting these deeper layers, we are able to help stimulate the skin to produce more collagen cells, which means tighter, firmer and more radiant looking skin.

Find all your anti-wrinkle solutions with the best in cosmetic surgery…

At Ashbury located in Brisbane and the Gold Coast we are dedicated to providing you with high quality cosmetic treatments merged with an unsurpassed level of care. If you are unhappy with the lines and wrinkles greeting you each time you look in the mirror, and have tried home remedies that just have not worked, book an appointment at our Brisbane or Gold Coast clinics for a full consultation.

At Ashbury Cosmetics, we want you to rediscover your youthful, beautiful skin that is so easily attainable with the help of our cosmetic professionals.

For more information on our anti-wrinkle treatments or to book an appointment at either our Gold Coast or Brisbane cosmetic clinics, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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